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Personal Injury

After 30 years as an ED Consultant I am comfortable treating the whole spectrum of injuries and reporting on them from minor to major.

In Personal Injury I am most often instructed on soft tissue injuries of all areas.

I  have vast experience and have published original research  on wrist fractures.

I have been a coauthor of the largest prospective UK  Whiplash trial of physio therapy (the MINT trial) and outcome.

Periods in Frenchay Hospital particularly allowed me to gain understanding of burns, chest trauma and head injury management. 

Areas of Expertise

A full list of my Areas of Expertise can be found on my CV. For a copy of my full CV please email:

Head Injuries

Muscular Pain

Neck Injury

Road Traffic Collisions

Cervical Spine and Whiplash Injuries

DVT/PE (Acute Diagnosis and Treatment)


Emergency Resuscitation

Fractures (Particularly Colles, Rib and Hand)

Acute Stroke Thrombolysis

Back Injury

Back Pain



Soft Tissue Injuries

Sports Injuries


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