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Fees and Payment Terms

  • A typical Personal Injury report is charged at £275 depending on the volume of records and the complexity of issues to be addressed. For poly trauma cases and cases which require review of voluminous medical records (500 + pages/more than 1 standard lever arch folder), the fee will be higher.  Please contact us prior to instruction if you have a case which you feel may exceed the basic fee and we will provide you with a quotation. We will notify the instructing party if we receive an instruction which we feel will exceed the basic fee.


  • A typical Medical Negligence Report is likely to be higher in the region of £750-£1250, with screening reports available at a lower fee depending on complexity.


  • Mr McCabe’s fees are otherwise based upon an hourly rate of £250 in respect of any further time spent in the preparation of the report and any other qualifying work, including Addendum/Supplementary reports, Further comments, Response to Part 35 questions, Joint Statement and Conference with Counsel.


  • There will be no additional charges for factual corrections.


  • Failure to attend an appointment or cancellation of an appointment with less than 48hrs notice will result in a DNA/cancellation charge of £50.


  • All fees are subject to VAT at the present rate. Value Added Tax Registration No: 947 7493 65


  • Mr McCabe’s fees remain payable in full by the instructing party, regardless of assessment or taxation by Court and are not dependent upon the successful outcome of the case.


  • Invoices are payable within 90 days of dispatch regardless of how the case is funded, unless Mr McCabe has a prior written agreement with your firm/agency. Payment by the instructing party is not contingent upon the contents of, or opinions expressed within, the report.


  • Failure to settle an invoice within 90 days may result in interest being charged and Mr McCabe reserves the right to cease further work on a case until full settlement of the invoice has been arranged and any accrued interest paid.

For a copy of our full Terms of Engagement please contact:

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