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Medical Negligence

I am comfortable assessing the quality and standard of care in the Emergency Department by applying a combination of common sense, vast experience and the relevant guidelines whether local or national.

I am familiar with Bolam and Bolitho principles.

I keep up to date at conferences and online through the likes of Bond Solon and various Expert Witness updates. 

I am comfortable giving evidence in court, having been an expert witness on dozens of occasions in the Coroners, Magistrates, High courts and the Court of Appeal.  

In Medical Negligence the most common instructions comprise of:

  • Multiple injury trauma including Head Injury

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

  • DVT/PE

  • Missed fractures esp. Scaphoid, Hip and Spinal

  • Foreign Bodies

  • Stroke Thrombolysis acutely

  • Burns

  • Soft Tissue Injuries esp. Chest Injury

  • ED Management in general 

Claimant 60 %

Defendant 30%

Single Joint Expert 10%

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