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  • Please email instructions to If you wish to send instructions via post please use our correspondence address below;

McCabeMedicoLegal Limited

PO BOX 404



GL6 1HD​


  • Please ensure that instructions/medical records/correspondence are NOT sent to any of the consulting venues.


  • The following is required from the solicitor/agency/insurance company wishing to instruct;                       


- Formal letter of instruction which includes the Claimant name, address, date of birth, contact details, date of    accident, accident circumstances and injuries sustained.

- All medical records (preferably PDF although hard copy records are accepted). If you wish for Mr McCabe      to examine your client prior to receiving the medical records, then please get in touch with us to discuss as        an additional fee may be incurred.

- Passwords for medical records (if encrypted).

- Mr McCabe’s terms and conditions signed by the instructing company.

  • All instructions will be acknowledged and processed within 2 working days.


If we receive hard copy medical records, they will be securely destroyed 3 months after the report is completed unless requested not to do so by the instructing party. Any postage costs for the return of medical records will be payable by the instructing party.



  • Appointments are typically arranged within 2-4 weeks of receiving the instructions, sometimes sooner. Occasionally Claimant’s may have to wait slightly longer for an appointment at our smaller venues such as Gloucester, Birmingham and Cheltenham, due to less demand. We are flexible with waiting times if the instructing party wishes for their Claimant to be seen more urgently.


  • Claimants are offered a choice of appointment times where possible. We will always try to contact the Claimant via telephone or email prior to booking an appointment. All Claimant’s are sent an appointment letter, clinic map and a patient questionnaire which is to be completed prior to the examination and MUST be taken with them to their appointment.


  • In the instance where we are unable to make contact with the Claimant to confirm their attendance or we are not provided with a contact telephone number or email address, the instructing party is responsible for ensuring that the Claimant is properly notified and attends punctually.


  • The standard appointment time is 30 minutes. For complex cases more time can be allocated if the solicitor notifies us in advance.


  • Home Visits and Prison Visits can be arranged and are to be discussed on an individual basis.

Instruction, Appointment and Reports


  • All reports are CPR compliant, addressed to the Court and quality checked prior to dispatch.


  • Personal Injury reports are usually dispatched within 1-2 weeks following the examination providing all medical records are available.


  • Medical Negligence reports are usually dispatched within 2-4 weeks from receipt of all relevant documentation and supporting information.


  • Amendments and queries are responded to promptly.


  • Supplementary reports are usually dispatched within 1-2 weeks from receipt of request.

  • Desktop reports from medical records only will also be considered. 

If you wish to receive a sample report please contact:

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